Erica Hastings is our Managing Director and has a masters degree in Counselling. She is an Aesthetics, Beauty and Holistic Therapist. Erica is an IQA, Assessor and Trainer. She is also qualified in nutrition. For many years, she worked as a fitness instructor and yoga teacher for adult education Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire.

Dr Kiran Kandola Is a fully qualified practicing Medical Doctor of Anaesthesia in Cardiff of 6 years experience. He is our in house Doctor and also works in several large hospitals for the NHS.

Steve has been able to see spirits since a young age. He has worked both nationally and internationally as a Psychic. Having been featured in magazines such as –“ Fate and Fortune and Soul and Spirit”. Stephen uses Dice, Ogham Staves and Tumbled stones (Crystals). He works with several spirit guides and is a qualified spiritual healer, using integrated energy therapy. He is also able to see and read people's aura.

Sophie Taylor is a qualified Lv 3 Beauty Therapist with several years experience in the industry. She is also an assessor and trainer. Particular interested in Make-up, Nails , lashes and Hair.

Lesley is a natural clairvoyant and has been working with crystals since 1992, qualifying as a crystal healer in 2009. She also uses Bach flower essences and is currently studying holistic herbalism.

Renata Pronin  is an experienced Beauty Therapist for many years, both nationally and internationally. Particular interest in Holistic Therapies and skin products.

Beth is the Administrator and customer care contact. Beth has worked with us for over a year she manages the websites, day to day marketing and administration.


Natalie is an experienced Level 3 Beauty Therapists, her specialist skills are nails and hair up.


Shannon is a qualified beauty therapist with a particular interest in Massage.

Albert Pronin is our catering and fine food consultant. Albert has experience of working  to multi rosette, high profile    establishments. His aim is to help use fresh local produce healthy weight loss recipes.   

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