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Forest Oasis Retreat

You will receive in advance of your visit an in depth analysis questionnaire and advice on what to bring with you. The idea of this retreat is that you take 2 weeks out of your normal, everyday life and make the changes that you would like to see, both physically and mentally.

This retreat includes the world- renowned , most powerful non surgical facelift;  The Genie, deep electrical current and body toning system, Lipo Lite- Lipolysis, Group and personal training, body shaping, hair styling, threading, a manicure and Pedicure, forest walks, stretch class.

Additional Treatments that are available- performed by our in house Doctor are:   Botox, Fillers, Collagen Thread Face Lift, Intravenous nutritional flooding, plus Semi- Permanent Makeup, Photo- rejuvenation and IPL/ Laser.

It includes all meals, snacks and refreshments (no alcohol). Food education, power plate, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - understanding who we are and what we are, but most of all - how to make the changes we would like. body shaping classes.

Our Retreats:

Couples - 2 Night Retreat

Holistic and Psychic 2 & 4 Night Retreats

Transformation- 2 Week Retreat

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As Above

Weightloss - 2 Week Retreat

What's included;

This retreat has been developed to help couples learn about each other and gain specialists insights and develop in a positive way, their relationships with one another.

The retreat includes the following; you will receive in advance of your visit, an email explaining what you need to bring with you. It includes all of your accommodation, the use of a therapeutic hot tub, there will be sessions on the art of touch, stretch classes, forest walks, Indian head massage, Reflexology and acupressure, he said/she said - but what did they hear? How to understand and decipher the opposite sex, how we impact on others.

Working together; creating simple, delicious meals.

Weightloss - 1 Week Retreat

This retreat includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals and refreshments (non- alcoholic), pre visit email will be sent to you explaining what you need to bring to make the most of your visit, included in your stay will be full use of the therapeutic Hot tub,10:30 am arrival, aromatherapy, Reflexology, crystal healing, Reiki, past life regression, group medium  demonstration, one to one reading, CBT self discovery, Hypnosis, Back, Neck and shoulder massage, confidence building.

2 Nights

£300 Sharing
£600 Single Occupancy Double Room
£750 Suite

4 Nights

£600 Sharing
£1000 Single Occupancy Double Room
£1250 Suite

Pre information pack will be emailed to you before your visit, upon arrival you will be given an in- depth personalised assessment.  There is a choice of accommodation available, ranging from en-suite apartment to twin shared room and shared bathroom. 

All meals, snacks and drinks will be provided, including our special detox cleansers. There will be approximately 6 hours of exercise per day, this will range from yoga, stretch classes, circuit training, walking in the forest and specially targeted floor toning exercises. plus the use of specialist equipment including the power plate. In addition, we will use Bio Slimming Therma reaction technology, plus the latest developments in Ultrasound and laser technology for fat reduction, This includes Cavi Lipo and Lipo Lite.

To help us get control of our weight management and understand the psychology behind good, healthy eating practise. There will be cognitive behavioural therapy classes and Hypnotherapy sessions.

We also offer the use of a Hot Tub, plus lymphatic drainage massage.

£950 Sharing
£1200 Single Occupancy Double Room
£1500 Suite